Hi/Bye at the Hammer Museum / UCLA - Collaborated with artist Rob Fischer to draw on his long history of documenting the American roadside in photos, sculptures and video, to develop a multimedia performance that used the highway and the mythology of the American road trip as the structure for examining the idea that movement can lead to freedom. The performance was a collaboration with Rob FischerKraig Jarret JohnsonSophie GoodhartJim Woster, and others that incorporates a six-minute film, live musical performances, projected images, and sculpture.


Night Light - Animation of Night Light, an early reader board book from Home Grown Books. Animation by Sara Woster. Words by Kyla Ryman. www.sarawoster.com www.homegrownbooks.c

Sky - Artwork by Sara Woster, Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 played by Jordan Kaye. The animated story of one town learning not to kill the magic. 2014

Few Landmarks and No Boundaries Franklin Art Works A multimedia performance using sculpture, video projection and live music to recreate the experience of traveling up and down the radio dial, in collaboration with artist Rob Fischer.